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OT: Audio Quality (Was advice needed)

(downloads your mp3 and listens to it on $100 computer speakers.)

How true. I can't get my mind around the corundrum of opposing directions 
in audio & video. I hear folks at work claiming that they won't even buy a 
DVD unless it's a newer one that will bring out the quality of their LCD, 
et al televisions and yet this same audience will listen to music 
exclusively in MP3 format. 

Maybe it's me but MP3's just don't have the sonic clarity of a plain ol' 
CD. When I crank an MP3 on my car stereo, it seems to me nothing changes 
as far as what I'm hearing but when I crank a CD, I hear a lot more 
definition of the sound. I know some of this is subjective. And it's nice 
to have a whole lotta hours of music in a teeny package. Personally, I 
don't think I'll quit buying CD's though (as opposed to downloads).