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Re: Some ideas needed

Oh my gosh that's so true! A well ARRANGED and played song is SO EASY to make sound good. You don't need to do too much eq'ing etc. It's just right as it goes down - not too much stuff in the mid range, the guitarist etc knows hisher instrument and picks it and voices the chords so they work in context - every instrument in its place. It's a glorious moment when it happens.

Good job Per.
richard sales
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On 28-Dec-06, at 6:27 AM, Per Boysen wrote:

On 28 dec 2006, at 14.54, Richard Sales wrote:

If the music is there, you could record it with a dictaphone and the goods would come across. it's just, for me, good sound is an obsession and something I work on. Does it REALLY matter? Not as much as the music by any stretch. But I want to continue to get work from labels and that means I have to care. But all I have to do is get as good a sound... so I have to work a bit harder and pay close attention to things like data loss.

And, frankly, it's a fun game. But just a sideshow for me compared to music.

I do agree with every word! Two days ago I was thinking that what people usually call "good sound" is in fact nothing technical but all about music. I was then hired to do "Logic coaching" with a producer in his studio and after two hours of mix tweaking he was so pleased that he wanted me to mix the entire album. But I never did anything "technical", only small musical adjustments like filtering and putting up some side chained compressors or noise gates to make the recorded instruments talk to each other a little more like I wanted them to have been played in the first place. The recorded band musicians were very good (fast Balkan folk stuff with a crazy party vibe) and I have no doubt that if they should have been listening to the control room mix while playing the songs they would have played their instruments like I made them sound afterwards, by my tweaks and treatments in Logic. No "technical secret weapons" used, only general musical decisions to give more emphasize to instrumental parts that work along with the general emotion/rhythm/tonality of each song and bringing down some parts that I felt were "not in the right pocket".

Greetings from Sweden

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