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Re: Some ideas needed

It's so true.  As an ex audio engineer, or should I
say I started down that path and veered off, I saw
Laurie Anderson spend a *full* day choosing a wireless
mic for the Home of the Brave (fake) concert movie. 
It had to have the right "sound" and visual look she

Anyway, my point being is that in the end this movie
got played at small art houses where the sound was
less than optimal.  I'm glad that someone cares enough
about the purity of sonic reproduction, but perhaps my
formative years listening to The Ramones and Sex
Pistols gave me the idea that often the passion and
feel is far more important than fidelity.

So at home I do care about fidelity, but I've kind of
made the decision that I can't care too much.  It can
lead to madness and high credit card debt.  Then your
audience downloads your mp3 and listens to it on $100
computer speakers.

If worrying about data loss is keeping you from making
your music, you should probably look for the real
reason.  Tape is fragile too.


--- Richard Sales <richard@glasswing.com> wrote:

> risk losing anything... and when you're spending big
> money on a record 
> every little bit matters a lot.
> Or so it is said!
> I don't think any of this is really relevant to
> mp3s.  Sonically, 
> they're already pretty much kaboshed (compared to
> 16/24/44.1 or 
> above)... even though that's what most folks listen
> to nowadays.

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