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Re: drumset under 300.00 dlls (was Re: Looper's Christmas list)


I picked up a used drum set at a local music store for around $350.  It's nothing fancy, but it records well.



King Never


On Dec 18, 2006, at 4:35 PM, L.A. Angulo wrote:

ok so this is not a loop pedal but a drumset my 8 yr
old son has been asking for(the loopers i already have
so he practices)
so to all you drumers what drumset would you buy under
300.00 dlls.that sounds like a million?
China is bringing to many options but i dont want to
be buying a new set every year!

--- Mark Hamburg <mark_hamburg@baymoon.com> wrote:

On Dec 15, 2006, at 2:53 PM, Matt Davignon wrote:

I'm afraid the correct english would be "y'all's
Christmas lists". :)

Actually, since it's addressed to more than one
person, it should be  
"all y'all's Christmas lists".

"y'all" is the formal second person singular -- the
equivalent of  
using "vous" to address an individual instead of

"all y'all" is the second person plural.

Or so I'm told.



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