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Re: Compact guitar amp...

fyi.....I just bought the Fender FM64 DSP combo amp for a screamin' deal 
Zzounds - $300 and free shopping (one left in stock as their xmas 
I'll let all you amp heads know how this thing pans out....   :)  / K

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From: "Todd Howell" <ransacker@earthlink.net>
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Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2006 10:06 PM
Subject: Re: Compact guitar amp...

> Rare is it that I chime in on such matters. But I am in agreement with 
> Hartung here.
> The whole idea of the dream tone is so subjective that it's to the point 
> of being moot in many cases.
> As for the idea of paying 40K for anything that I can't sleep in is 
> absurd. I am sure that these Gibson Jazz Boxes are supremely well 
> and play and sound wonderful. I have no doubt about this. However. I 
> imagine most people, even the pornographically wealthy, being able to 
> justify the price tag.
> I find that most mid range priced gear usually suits my purposes just 
> fine. I play a Godin LGXT that I got at GC for less than 800.00 used, a 
> Vox AC30 (CC1) and a bunch of pedals from Boss and Digitech, and a 
> Echoplex. These all serve me very well in the current context that I 
> Even if I could afford a bunch of seriously boutique-ish gear, why? I 
> that alot of it probably sound grand, but for most of us, the idea of 
> doing things like paying the mortgage, feeding our kids (or in my case 
> Border Collie and Tabbies) and most of all not winding up getting kicked 
> the curb or at least wind up sleeping on the couch alot of nights. All 
> this to make sure that we sound transcendent as opposed to good. Most of 
> John Q. Public is usually too busy picking the tomatoes off of their 
> nachos or trying to making connection with carnal possibility to really 
> notice your tone. I guess I don't worry too much about playing for other 
> musicians when I do. I hope they appreciate it.
> Forty-Thousand Dollars for a guitar? Five thousand dollars for an 
> amplifier? Chime in and show me where this is a great idea.
> I could be well wrong here...........
> Todd
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>>From: Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net>
>>Sent: Dec 16, 2006 11:42 PM
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>>Subject: Re: Compact guitar amp...
>>From: "Zoe Keating" <cello@zoekeating.com>
>>>I tried a very small Schertler amp a few months ago and was pretty
>>>impressed....but that was with a cello.
>>Was it the David? I tried one here in Boise...very nice 
>>they were mainly for acoustic vs. electric mondern jazz...but really nice
>>amps, nonetheless...built like tanks (Swiss, of course, I think).  I can 
>>how they would sound great for cello.
>>It's funny how my taste has changed in amps over the years. I used to 
>>boutique amps, $1000 and higher, were the only way to go...and I've 
>>few of them over the years (power, pre, combo).  These days I find that a
>>$200-$300 amp suits me just fine, and that the "alleged dream tone" 
>>isn't dramatically different than a mid-range amp.  This is only my 
>>experience and opinion here, of course. I can generally get a tone I like
>>out of a lower cost amp. I put most of my investment in my guitars and my
>>playing technique.
>>I'm also finding that there is a trend going on today with guitars and 
>>Many foreign manufacturers are starting to produce some very affordable 
>>that plays really good and consistently. A local music store here has 
>>hollow body jazz guitars that are made in Taiwan that play just amazing, 
>>are a fraction of the price of the boutique jazz axes. I know some guys 
>>have paid $40,000 for their Gibson L5s, Super 400 or Wes Montgomery
>>model.s....freakin' insane.  I think Gibson's guitar are grossly
>>overpriced...you can get a not-well-known luthier to make something for a
>>fraction of the price.  I wouldn't even feel comfortable taking a guitar
>>like that (the high end Gibson's) out of the case at a gig.
>>I've read on MANY jazz guitar discussion forums that the Roland Cube 60
>>($300 +) is a great pick for diverse tone and portability. It keeps 
>>up as a great pick....pretty amazing and quite appealing for a bunch of 
>>guys with gray hair whose backs are too bad to lift those Fender Twins 
>>JC-120s.  Purism in amps is starting to lose grip a bit with all the 
>>greatest DSP technology.   Interesting phenomeon going on with music
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>>> On Dec 16, 2006, at 1:20 PM, Andrew Koenig wrote:
>>>>>  Anyone have any ideas for a small,
>>>>>> compact guitar amp for
>>>>>> jazz, with a lot of bells and whistles, effects,
>>>>>> etc?
>>>> How compact?  What price range?  If you want something to drool  over,
>>>> check
>>>> out www.acousticimg.com and look for the Corus model.