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Re: Anthropomorphism

As I recall, he called it Lucille because the bar he was playing in
caught fire and he ran back in to get his guitar.  Lucille was some
woman that two guys started a fight over and they knocked over a can
of kerosene that was used to heat the place.

I'm just a compendium of useless information.

>and yet we shoot
>ourselves and our image in the foot by attaching supernatural powers to
>our pieces of kit.

Not so much supernatural powers but... don't your instruments give you
a 'vibe' ??  Maybe from the history you have with it?  The way it
makes you feel when you play it?  Emotional association is a powerful
force. :)


On 12/18/06, Paul <paulrichard10@adelphia.net> wrote:
> Hey, didn't BB King call his ax "Lucille"? :)
> ""I'm very crazy about Lucille," he (BB) begins. It's a general 
>reference of
> course, for after all, many guitars have been part of King's life. "I've 
> many guitars ... and I always call them Lucille. She's taken me a long 
> even brought me some fame ... most of all, she's kept me alive, being 
> to eat ... Lucille practically saved my life two or three times," he 
> referring to one of his several auto accidents, "The car stopped turning
> over, it fell over on Lucille and it held it up off of me."
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> > mark sottilaro wrote:
> >
> >> This has led me to think about my new gear.  Does my
> >> Laptop have mojo?  Of course not, it's a Toshiba!  My
> >> G5's got some.  Surely a VST can't... or can it?
> >
> > I'm sorry, this is the largest pile of arse I have ever heard.
> >
> > If there's one thing I can't stand in fellow musicians it's this
> > mystifying of the act, as though anything that feels this good has got 
> > have subterranean mystical roots. It keeps us isolated and disconnected
> > from the people who pull the strings.
> >
> > We're a brilliant example of an alternative to a legion of
> > television-watching consuming zombies: people who make their own
> > entertainment, and enjoy it a hell of a lot more; and yet we shoot
> > ourselves and our image in the foot by attaching supernatural powers to
> > our pieces of kit.
> >
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