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I'm giving you a voodoo purple nurple right now, I
hope it hurts like hell. ;)

Me thinks you missed my sarcasm my friend.  However,
on that note there's nothing that will make me stop
believing that someone can bestow "powers" on an
inanimate object that they develop a "relationship"
with.  As a tool user by genetic disposition, my tools
become an extention of myself.  My clothes are an
extension of my skin.  My car is an extention of my
legs... when I had one.  My guitar is an extention of
my voice and there for when I find one that "sings" in
the voice I believe to be mine, I develop a
relationship to it.  If someone were to take it away,
it would be like taking away part of my vocal chords
or... my car!  When I sold my car I felt a twinge of
something like a living part of me had been amputated.
 I belive the term is called propreoception (sp?). 
It's the sense one has that they are part of a system.
 Like when you're parking and you kind of wince when
you know you're getting close to the car next to you
in a tight spot.

--- Damian Stewart <damian@frey.co.nz> wrote:

> mark sottilaro wrote:
> > This has led me to think about my new gear.  Does
> my
> > Laptop have mojo?  Of course not, it's a Toshiba! 
> My
> > G5's got some.  Surely a VST can't... or can it? 
> I'm sorry, this is the largest pile of arse I have
> ever heard.
> If there's one thing I can't stand in fellow
> musicians it's this 
> mystifying of the act, as though anything that feels
> this good has got 
> to have subterranean mystical roots. It keeps us
> isolated and 
> disconnected from the people who pull the strings.
> We're a brilliant example of an alternative to a
> legion of 
> television-watching consuming zombies: people who
> make their own 
> entertainment, and enjoy it a hell of a lot more;
> and yet we shoot 
> ourselves and our image in the foot by attaching
> supernatural powers to 
> our pieces of kit.
> -- 
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