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RE: Vintage Gear, E-bait etc

--- "Goddard, Duncan" <goddard.duncan@mtvne.com>

> last year I went looking for & bought a 1963 fender
> precision just because I imagined it would have a
> certain "mojo" about it.
> I hate myself for this too. 

It's no collector's item, but I swear my G&L Skyhawk
from the early 80s has some "mojo."  I once tried to
trade it for some Ibanez Floyd Rose bedazzeled monster
and I swear I cried myself to sleep for a month solid.
 Luckily I wised up and went back to the store and it
was still there and they let me trade it back.  I lost
the cash I put in, but I considered that and education

It's odd though.  When I sold my Repeater I felt no
remorse at all.  Did the Repeater HAVE NO SOUL?  My
Lexicon JamMan did.  I know it.  Perhaps it it up to
the owner to dole out the mojo.... BABY.

This has led me to think about my new gear.  Does my
Laptop have mojo?  Of course not, it's a Toshiba!  My
G5's got some.  Surely a VST can't... or can it? 
There is no resale value to any of these things, no
matter how much they make one sound like a miniMoog. 
I like it that way.


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