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Re: Time Stretch pedal (DD-5, Giga-Delay)

> Hi guys, new member here.
> 3)Can the giga-delay do any time stretching?
Nope. It just adds a glitchy, wobbly noise when you try to change time
> 4)I'm trying to find a delay pedal that has a lot of fun glitches
> (and hopefully under $200).  I'm torn between the giga delay and
> getting a DD-6.  I really like the time stretch, so that might sway
> my decision if one of them can time stretch well.
I have both, and neither can time-stretch an audio signal. The DD-6 does a
similar glitchy, wobbly noise when you attempt to change the delay length.
In fact, I wouldn't recommend either for fun glitches. The glitches in 
two units are just fair-to-middlin'. I'd try to find an old analog pedal 
glitcthy fun. And I'd love to hear what others say re. a glitchy pedal for
<$200. Good luck!
Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large

"Life! Life!
Clouds and clowns!
You don't have to come down!"
- Sly and the Family Stone