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Re: Email filters


Note that the X-Loop field isn't just Bill's stuff, it's all of the
Looper's Delight list.  For whatever reason, it seems that most folks
don't know that it's there.  Maybe a blurb on the LD website would be
appropriate.  (Though, for all I know it may already be mentioned on
the LD site.)


On 12/10/06, Sean Onion <sean@zwieble.com> wrote:
> Thanks Bill.  I was tripped up reading the solution offered at first;
> that is, add the field "X-Looper" to the filter and put
> "Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com" in that field.  I honestly thought
> that X-Looper was some secret code for this discussion thread!  20 years
> in IT and I'm still learning...  Anyway, you might want to put together
> a blurb or disclaimer on your messages that explain the whole BCC and
> X-Loopers solution for filtering your emails; that would leave you the
> freedom of changing subject and content without anyone losing your
> emails.  My original boggle was that it looked like something I want to
> see (I do) and my spam routines identified it as junk.  Thanks, BTW, for
> the excellent broadcasts!
> Sean
> Bill Fox wrote:
> > Perhaps some of the problem with the messages I send is because
> > (1) Loopers Delight is in my address book's list called "EM Playlist
> > Distribution."
> > (2) I send playlists to the "EM Playlist Distribution" list as blind
> > copies (Bcc:) in order to preserve individuals' identities, which
> > means that Loopers is not in the To: field.
> >
> > Thunderbird ought to help you filter stuff well enough for the results
> > you desire.  To aid that, I *always* format the Subject: field of my
> > playlists to allow filtering in case a Loopers member wants to can my
> > stuff.  The Subject: field ALWAYS starts out:
> > "Galactic Travels Playlist for" with the rest varying according to the
> > date and show number.  Plus, there should be plenty of non-changing
> > content in the playlists to help you filter them out.
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Bill
> >
> >
> >
> >