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Re: Y2K6 MP3s - The Amazing Stanosaur

Hi Kris-WOW! what hyperbole-yur hired!
i art here...
of course you can post it. i only request that the first piece be used.
the second 'attempt' really didnt work due to extenuating circumstances :-)
as RW knows i have never liked my stuff being recorded(long story).
but i like what i'm humbly trying to do now.
i know its very late in life for one to find their VOICE-aint life a bitch.

>Stanosaur, Stanosaur...where art thou Stanosaur?  I'd like to publicly 
>ask Stan's permission to post his MP3 clip "drone" to the Y2K6 website, 
>just because I think LD needs to hear a virtual version of the sheer 
>magnitude and colossal power that his system heaped upon the audience. It 
>was like watching a 1950's B-rated horror/sci-fi flick...people standing 
>in awe with mouths gaping open...children shrieking with terror, 
>scientists frantically fiddling with the instruments to measure this 
>unusual phenomenon, fog gushing into every crevice of safety, etc, 
>etc....(yes, there really was fog) :)
>Stan, can you elaborate on your system?  Please.