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Re: Email filters

Sean Onion wrote:

> Thanks Jon and Todd.  Apologies to Bill, I meant no offense.  These 
> days, hard to tell what's what from sheer quantity.  Glad to know 
> about the X-Loop field.  I'll check out the links in Bills email, glad 
> I caught it.  Thanks all.

No problem, Sean.  Happens all the time!  ;-)

> Jon Southwood wrote:
>> As to the specific messages in question: Bill Fox is a long-time 
>> member of this list who happens to run a radio show called "Galactic 
>> Travels." He sends the playlists for his shows after they broadcast 
>> for (what seems to me) two primary reasons: 1) Much of the music that 
>> he plays is loop-related and therefore apropos this list and 2) He 
>> often programs the music of members of this list, which then allows 
>> the lismembers to see their collegues' names in lights, as it were.
Thanks, Jon.  Speaking of loops on my show, next week's Vinyl Starter, 
instead of being a dinosaur disk, will be new vinyl from Fear Falls 
Burning, the alter ego of vidnaObmana.  I think that you will clearly 
hear some serious looping going on.

>> On 12/6/06, *Sean Onion* <sean@zwieble.com <mailto:sean@zwieble.com>> 
>> wrote:
>>     The mystery messages have the subject "Galactic Travels Playlist
>>     #504 for November 23, 2006" and were sent from Bill Fox.
>>     To clarify, I don't have a problem with my filters, just the 
>> format of
>>     the original message header.  Come to think of it, it's kind of a
>>     blessing.  The message was obviously advertising and
>>     "undisclosed-recipients" indicates to me that it was sent by an 
>> email
>>     blaster.  I only want to see conversations on a mailing list, so I
>>     guess this works to my advantage.
>>     Thanks for your help Todd,
>>     Sean
Perhaps some of the problem with the messages I send is because
(1) Loopers Delight is in my address book's list called "EM Playlist 
(2) I send playlists to the "EM Playlist Distribution" list as blind 
copies (Bcc:) in order to preserve individuals' identities, which means 
that Loopers is not in the To: field.

Thunderbird ought to help you filter stuff well enough for the results 
you desire.  To aid that, I *always* format the Subject: field of my 
playlists to allow filtering in case a Loopers member wants to can my 
stuff.  The Subject: field ALWAYS starts out:
"Galactic Travels Playlist for" with the rest varying according to the 
date and show number.  Plus, there should be plenty of non-changing 
content in the playlists to help you filter them out.