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Re: Question about looping software

Jesse Chappell wrote:
> No, if I understand your description correctly, SL doesn't support
> changing start and end points like that.  Multiply and Insert
> currently always extend the loop (or shorten in some cases when using
> Multiply on an already multiplied loop) by a cycle, regardless of
> quantization setting.  Probably an oversight on my part.  Mobius
> probably has it...

Thanks for the detailed info.

I can't bring myself to run windows (not to mention invest in hardware 
for that platform), so I need investigate the sooperlooper source code 
to look for a feasible way to add this. The stereo echoplex thing isn't 
really working for me, so extending sooperlooper to emulate more of the 
EDP features is my next idea (since I prefer a stereo looper).

- Sam