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Re: Introduction... and a question...


Check your local songwriting organizations.  There is also Songsalive!  
(www.songsalive.org) that's worldwide of which I'm a member.

Feel free to contact me for more info or to chat.



Quoting jl <whatever@io-audio.com>:

> Greetings all!
> I'm Jonas and while I was a lurker on this list quite a number of years 
> I've recently rejoined and hence I'm effectively new to this list.  I'm 
> to be here and it is refreshing to see so much creative talent being
> utilized in so many different ways.
> Aside from introducing myself to you all, I had a question.  You see, my
> main motivation for doing this sort of thing was because I wish to join
> communities of creative, like-minded individuals for the purpose of 
> ideas, creative inspiration, and the like.  While looper's delight 
> can fit this bill, I'd like to seek out more and was wondering if anyone 
> any suggestions as to other creative communities that I could seek out.
> At this point I would suppose it would be helpful to have examples of my
> work to aid in deciding exactly what communities to suggest and to that 
> I encourage you to check out my work at www.io-audio.com.  I will state 
> while some of my projects are entirely loop based, others are only 
> so and others are not at all.  Hopefully it is enjoyable regardless.
> In any case, I am pleased to make your acquaintences and thank you for 
> time.
> Jonas