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Introduction... and a question...

Greetings all!

I'm Jonas and while I was a lurker on this list quite a number of years 
I've recently rejoined and hence I'm effectively new to this list.  I'm 
to be here and it is refreshing to see so much creative talent being
utilized in so many different ways.

Aside from introducing myself to you all, I had a question.  You see, my
main motivation for doing this sort of thing was because I wish to join
communities of creative, like-minded individuals for the purpose of sharing
ideas, creative inspiration, and the like.  While looper's delight 
can fit this bill, I'd like to seek out more and was wondering if anyone 
any suggestions as to other creative communities that I could seek out.

At this point I would suppose it would be helpful to have examples of my
work to aid in deciding exactly what communities to suggest and to that end
I encourage you to check out my work at www.io-audio.com.  I will state 
while some of my projects are entirely loop based, others are only 
so and others are not at all.  Hopefully it is enjoyable regardless.

In any case, I am pleased to make your acquaintences and thank you for your