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boss DD-20 (out w/ old, in w/ new)

well a quick post:
i'm in the process of selling a lot of my gear, moving away from my
rack stuff entirely (my dod d-12, sold most of stuff a few months ago)
and have decided to go w/ a pedal set up....got the DD-20 last week,
just hooked it up last night, and have played w/ it a bit, and will
say that i'm liking it alot. love the mangling of sound that is possible...
and i haven't even played much w/ the other delay options, mainly just
using the standard digital delay....easy to use, small package...
so far very happy....
i'm hoping the batteries last awhile, but i'll probaby get the ac adaptor
for it so i don't have worry about unplugging it like i usually do....

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