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Repeater Gear Swap

Hi all

tis me again.
I must say that is has been wonderful to be back on the list listening to 
all the events and happenings ive missed so much.

anyways I have been thinking long and hard and think i might put my 
Repeater up for grabs.

basically i was wondering if anyone out there would like to swap an EDP 
it as a straight swap.

the unit is in very good rack mounted condition save for a ding on the 

its been lightly used cos to be honest ive always been an EDP man.

feel free to contact me off list with any offers

I think i do have people on this list who can vouch for me (I got my  EDP 
and some other gear off here) i also have  spotless ebay feedback  -  
user - phillwilson

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