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Need some advice...

Hi gang,

I'm new to the list, and new to looping.  I have a Digitech Jam Man and I 
trying to do some solo bass work with it.  I'm having a blast and have 
written a few short pieces already.  However, I am running into some 
mainly with managing multiple loops.

Here's an example of one problem I am running into.  Take the song Purple 
Haze.  I'd like to create a "drum" track using percussive hits on my bass. 
That's easy enough.  Then I do an overdub and  add the tritone on the 
using two handed tapping.  While those two loops are running, I start into 
Hendrix's guitar part.

I need to quickly shut down the tritone loop while the drums continue 

Is there a way to manage multiple loops with the Digitech Jam man...so 
they all run in sync but I can turn them on and off as needed, 
from each other?  I know I can use the undo button, but it takes too long 
remove the tritones from the drum part.

If the Digitech Jam Man cannot do this, any recommendations from the group 
would be appreciated. (i.e - what  live performance friendly looping 
samplers can do independent multi-loop management?)

If you want to get to know me better, check out:



Brittany Frompovich

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