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Re: EDP ignorance

> It's funny, but two artists I know,  Andre  and Claude Voit no longer 
> techniques that they used to use that are
> techniques that really turned me on.    Specifically,  Andre's use of an 
> old roland drummachine to play his loop fragments like melodic jungle 
> patterns and Claude's use of sequencing to control the EDP)
> I guess artists have to grow.............but the things they did could 
> only be done with the EDP
> (or I guess, now,  Mobius in software).

nono Rick
My happy birthday LD song was done this way 
with the help of an old Dennis Leas post about change ringing 
I use the 4 plain hunt sequence with 4 loops/bells in delay mode
panned L, 20%, -20%, R.   the dry guitar is center.
recorded as exactly as played (no multitrack or editing whatsoever)

I still do a lot of experiments this way (sequenced EDP), 2 tunes in 
where done this way.