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Re: Cabin baggage ban hits musicians

On 13 aug 2006, at 11.59, L.A. Angulo wrote:
> a couple of years ago i had a talk box effect
> opened,

On 13 aug 2006, at 12.28, a k butler wrote:
> yep, I had my guitar tuner pulled open for inspection

These are horror stories... Can't you keep the trunk locked and offer  
to go with it into the security area to open it up for inspection?  
Last year I travelled with studio gear in a locked trunk that I  
checked in and while waiting for my boarding I was called in by the  
public airport speakers to show off and explain my luggage (genlec  
speakers probably looking suspect on x-ray). Is it now a rule that  
you are not allowed to lock the trunks you check in?

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