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Re: Attitudes to instruments/loopers (Derek Bailey)

amen, brother...did you ask LA Weekly to analyze that metaphysical 
pseudo-statement for you?

How about this one:  My guitar's artistic singularity is tantamount to the 
ontological duality of that of a perfect flower (the Platonic Form, that 
immersed in the beauty and presence of quantum entanglement, whose 
and inferential counter-part is the result of a phenomenological reduction 
and consequential residuum of artistic purity.

You gotta love metaphysical poetry....


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One of my favorite reviews (LA Weekly's Greg Burk) said this: "Jeff
Kaiser's trumpet is nearly incidental to his overall concept"......

That actually made me happy.

It seem's that many people's musical identities are tied to their
instrument....but what really counts is the music....and the source of
that (in a player) is always internal, away from the instrument....

Jeff Kaiser
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On Aug 9, 2006, at 10:50 AM, a k butler wrote:

> Kris wrote:
>> This is because I consider improvisation not just something 
>> tied to music, but a way of life and approaching the world, both 
>> physically and intellectually.  I'd rather have the improv music be 
>> defined by my own creativity and mind rather than the instrument.
> The instrument is a set of unrealised possibilities,
> just waiting to be unlocked by a creative person.
> Whether the instrument is a guitar, a hand-drum, a looping device or 
> the stuff in your head.
> ( ah... that'll get him going :-)
> andybutler