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Re: improv vs arrangement

The way I'm using looping is sort combining those improv and 
arrangement.... As a dulcimer player most of my tunes are quite 
but with the looping I'm able to create a background that is starting to 
evolve into a more ambient type of sound then adding the dulcimer melody 
over the top. I don't use anything prerecorded because I believe that the 
magic of looping for the audience is knowing that what they are hearing is 
being created in front of them. I like the analogy of  watching an artist 
paint something in front you. This approach has made the music more 
interesting for me as well as my audience since it's never quite the same, 
similar but not the same.

Paul Haslem

At 02:27 PM 7/27/2006, you wrote:

>When im doing a solo show (looping) I am 100% improv, i do have some 
>"riffs" that will get recycled/reused as base patterns, but I have 
>"pre-recorded" in any way.
>I like the improv aspect, the exploration so to say...its a great way to 
>just let the music flow... and let what happens be what happens
>just my 0.02