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Re: Firewire/USB 2.0 Adaptors for M-Audio Firewire Solo

The Echo IO is definitely a good choice for the T60 in terms of cardbus 
options, and financially reasonable too. I'd keep using mine, but I'm just 
experiencing the urge to be able to plug a mic into my notebook, scat with 
my guitar once in a while, and do so with better inserts than a 1/8" jack. 
Plus, what I like about the external firewire unit I am buying is that it 
has more than one stereo output so that I can run one set to the main 
board, and another to my recorder, and still have a separate headphone 
output. It's nice to have those options.  You might give it some thought, 
even the external USB units for getting audio to your notebook (like the 
m-Audio) are financially reasonable.


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> Yes, I called them and did whatever I could for options. Mine's a few 
> rungs down from yours, I believe, it has the 1.66 mhz processors and 
> screen, and I think it's pretty set in its possibilities...I'd wanted a 
> 7200 rpm drive but couldn't get that either. But it's got wireless and 
> three USB's and the fingerprint reader.
> Thanks for the info on the sound card, that explains things better. I 
> a (very) cheap Edirol UA-1A for moving stuff to the laptop, and I 
> getting something like the Echo or an m-Audio (maybe?) would improve 
> fidelity. I may just do that someday though I want to improve the analog 
> side first (mics, pres...).
> I'm pretty much positive there's no way you can get firewire on these 
> laptops, I don't think you missed out...I remember that being THE common 
> complaint in review, of all models.
> Daryl Shawn
> www.swanwelder.com
>> Daryl, did you call Lenovo to order your T60? That is what I did with 
>> T60p. I basically custom ordered it and ended up with a custom SKU 
>> (configuration), with bluetooth, cardbus reader, wireless, USB, 
>> bigger/faster hard-drive, fingerprint reader for security, etc.  I 
>> recieved no rebate on this sucker...I bought it right after it was 
>> released.
>> Also, the T series does not have a sound card, but embedded high 
>> definition audio from Intel...so that wouldn't have been an option for 
>> you anyway. If you want better sound on the unit, you just get a 
>> soundcard, like the Echo Indigo IO, an audio interface that plugs into 
>> the USB, or what I am going to do, namely, get a firewire cardbus 
>> so that I can plug in a firewire interface.  Rainer, yes, I'll take 
>> advice here and get just the firewire option, not combo. Your comment 
>> enough to make me suspicious, plus I already have three USB connections 
>> and don't really need any more.
>> It still seems odd about the firewire...I hope I did't miss it when I 
>> configuring it with Lenovo. Oh well, there is nothing wrong with the 
>> cardbud option, and I have the slot available.