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Re: Firewire/USB 2.0 Adaptors for M-Audio Firewire Solo

Yes, I called them and did whatever I could for options. Mine's a few 
rungs down from yours, I believe, it has the 1.66 mhz processors and 
14.1" screen, and I think it's pretty set in its possibilities...I'd 
wanted a 7200 rpm drive but couldn't get that either. But it's got 
wireless and three USB's and the fingerprint reader.

Thanks for the info on the sound card, that explains things better. I 
use a (very) cheap Edirol UA-1A for moving stuff to the laptop, and I 
imagine getting something like the Echo or an m-Audio (maybe?) would 
improve fidelity. I may just do that someday though I want to improve 
the analog side first (mics, pres...).

I'm pretty much positive there's no way you can get firewire on these 
laptops, I don't think you missed out...I remember that being THE common 
complaint in reviews, of all models.

Daryl Shawn

> Daryl, did you call Lenovo to order your T60? That is what I did with 
> my T60p. I basically custom ordered it and ended up with a custom SKU 
> (configuration), with bluetooth, cardbus reader, wireless, USB, 
> bigger/faster hard-drive, fingerprint reader for security, etc.  I 
> recieved no rebate on this sucker...I bought it right after it was 
> released.
> Also, the T series does not have a sound card, but embedded high 
> definition audio from Intel...so that wouldn't have been an option for 
> you anyway. If you want better sound on the unit, you just get a 
> cardbus soundcard, like the Echo Indigo IO, an audio interface that 
> plugs into the USB, or what I am going to do, namely, get a firewire 
> cardbus adaptor so that I can plug in a firewire interface.  Rainer, 
> yes, I'll take your advice here and get just the firewire option, not 
> combo. Your comment is enough to make me suspicious, plus I already 
> have three USB connections and don't really need any more.
> It still seems odd about the firewire...I hope I did't miss it when I 
> was configuring it with Lenovo. Oh well, there is nothing wrong with 
> the cardbud option, and I have the slot available.