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Re: Thoughts on the Eclipse, Fireworx, G-Force, and PCM81

> But aren’t many of us (I am, certainly) already over-supplied with 
> programs, gear, options, plans, etc... ?

Yes, many are, and I certainly was. Max is now THE plan for me. (I 
don't mean to sound like a proselytizing Scientologist or something). 
Finally, everything is in one place, and I'm not hauling around tons of 
hardware, and certainly not drooling over hardware at all. When a new 
box comes out I could care less.

> I’m thinking of the difference between needing a little something very 
> specific right now to improve an already pretty cool setup and getting 
> it easily, as opposed to deciding to take on yet another vast tool and 
> making it your “new project” for the next year or so, to the further 
> detriment of all that gear you’re already not fully exploring... Can 
> anyone relate?

It took me a fairly short period of time to get up and running, and the 
musical rewards have been great.

It is certainly NOT for everyone, but if you are interested in laptop, 
I believe Max/MSP is the way to go....my humble opinion.

Regarding all that other gear: eBay has been very good to me. Much more 
room in my storage unit and bedroom than there was.

>> I found it fairly quick to get up and running with max on a basic 
>> level, and then I've added more as I've learned more.
> Sounds cool... Got anything to share or sell to those who only want to 
> do Max as a runtime thing? 

Nothing to sell.

Eventually I will post stuff (for free) but not yet,

BUT I will share with anybody who wants to get together.