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I won't hesitate to echo the urgency of Get Your Hand Treated Properly - but I cannot agree with holding the UK's National Health up as a beacon for anything but negligence and waste.  They spend most of the money they skive off the public purse on high salaries for executives, and wasted something like 400m last year alone.  The whole thing's a bureaucracy so big one can hide behind it, and claim "it was someone else's job".  They almost killed me TWICE due to careless (and later stupidly defensive) medication - only saved by the fact that my wife was with me and kept on them to just do their bleeding jobs; and the negligent staff at the NHS killed my mother-in-law this past November, via the just-shoot-her-up-and-walk-away-so-who-cares method (Midazolam, administered without telling us, she was dead in 16 hours, supposed to be given with a crash cart ready in case of shock, and there was nobody with her when she died).  We now understand that an awful lot of elderly folks don't come out of the hospital in the UK, a statistic that's just coming to the surface.  And that's without MRSA, a problem caused by a lack of hygiene on the part of cleaners and nurses (though they were quick to put up these alcogel wash-up stations for everyone to use, as if dirty hands were the problem, an attempted projection on US when it's THEM causing the cleanliness problem through their own sloth).  The NHS is a disaster just beginning to emerge, and lots of people are still trying to hold it up like some kind of medical standard (is Hillary Clinton still stupidly doing this?).
So if you're in the UK try to stay healthy and Stay Out Of The Hospital - or if you do have to go, take someone of an advocate with you, in case they screw it up again and kill you by mistake.  Sorry, had to say this.
Stephen Goodman
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Being on the digest (and being on the other side of the world?) means I get LD a bit late, but wanted to quickly chip in and wish you (Ted) a speedy recovery, and I have one bit of extra advice that I'm surprised no one suggested, RE: your up-coming gigs... PULL THEM NOW!!! CANCEL.... NO gig is worth risking the pain and the damage you may do...
<Telling off>
...and this thing about "no Insurance"... WHAT IS IT WITH YOU YANKS??? Are you crazy? We in Europe can walk into the ER and say OUCH a couple of times, and we are very proffesionally sorted, in the UK it was completely free (all healthcare is... Doctors, Hospitals... maybe not Dentists) now Im in Norway, there IS a nominal fee for each visit, 200krone... about 13 dollars. DO YOU HAVE TAXES IN THE US? What IS the government using it on? We have roads, an army, street cleaning, schools too!!! This is why ALL my American friends are also Amateur Doctors... 
I'm sorry guys but... "Second Skin"??? What IS THAT??? (Sounds like some Sci Fi thing.. creepy)  "Put Super glue on it"???? Are you lot MAD? And PLEASE with the ALOE fucking VERA... it NOT a fucking pimple!!!
OK OK.. they MAY be good products that may help BUT!
</Telling off>
(Please excuse the bad language) 
Take it easy and get well soon!!!!
mark francombe
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