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Re: solid state recorders

At 1:15 PM +0200 4/20/06, Per Boysen wrote:
>I recently bought an iPod with a 30 GB drive. There is a rumor 
>saying that both Apple and Griffin are soon to release mic recording 
>adapters for iPod. I've had two portable DAT recorders over the last 
>fifteen(?) years but batteries wear out and products get 
>discontinued. I'm betting on the iPod for future field recording 
>work  ;-)


FWIW, you might try looking at the Gemini iKey for the time being. 
While it's gotten some knocks on the interface as well as some design 
aspects such as battery access, it sports stereo RCA inputs (which 
may or may not be appropriate for your purposes?) and will connect 
directly to an iPod via its USB adapter.  It's about the size of two 
packs of cigarettes.  They're cheap too -- looks like they just had a 
price drop to ~$99.

I got one to use with my iPod (one of the standard 20gb models) but 
I've found it's just as convenient to just stick a 1gb USB thumb 
drive in it.  That alone will get up to 1.5 hours of 16bit/44k 
uncompressed .wav files.