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Re: Sustainiac and Fathead

Groove Tibes has changed the design from Fathead to Fatfinger. But one type
of fathead is reintroduced and used by Zz Ryder guitars.
I remember the original Fathead was offered in all kind of styles, for 
Gibsons, strats etc.

Here`s a review of the older Fathead
And a couple of HC reviews of the Fatfinger

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> The Fathead was invented by Aspen Pittman of Groove Tubes fame. I  think 
> they still make them. They also make the FATFINGER, which  weighs around 
> 90 gr. It increases Sustain and "eliminates  deadspots" (I'd throw out 
> instrument that has no even  response....). I have a Fatfinger that I 
> to experiment with but  I just borrowed it to a friend. When I get it 
> (....if I ever get  it back ;-) I'll check out if any differences with 
> ebow, tho so  far I haven't noticed anything like that.
> So while generally increasing the headstock weight increases sustain,  
> also changes the tone of the instrument. I found that already the  
> of the tuners makes quite a difference. The weight of one set  e.g. on a 
> Gibson-style 3/3 arrangement varies between 150 gr (vintage  Kluson 
> style), 250 gr (Grover) to as much as 350 gr (Schaller M6). My  ES 335 
> sounds nice and woody with Klusons, slightly swashed but more  singing 
> with Grovers and it asbsolutely dislikes those heavy  Schallers, 
> dull and liveless IMO. Your mileage may vary.
> Cheers, Andreas