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Re: Sustainiac and Fathead

The Fathead was invented by Aspen Pittman of Groove Tubes fame. I  
think they still make them. They also make the FATFINGER, which  
weighs around 90 gr. It increases Sustain and "eliminates  
deadspots" (I'd throw out any instrument that has no even  
response....). I have a Fatfinger that I like to experiment with but  
I just borrowed it to a friend. When I get it back (....if I ever get  
it back ;-) I'll check out if any differences with the ebow, tho so  
far I haven't noticed anything like that.

So while generally increasing the headstock weight increases sustain,  
it also changes the tone of the instrument. I found that already the  
weight of the tuners makes quite a difference. The weight of one set  
e.g. on a Gibson-style 3/3 arrangement varies between 150 gr (vintage  
Kluson style), 250 gr (Grover) to as much as 350 gr (Schaller M6). My  
ES 335 sounds nice and woody with Klusons, slightly swashed but more  
singing with Grovers and it asbsolutely dislikes those heavy  
Schallers, sounding dull and liveless IMO. Your mileage may vary.

Cheers, Andreas