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RE: Where to buy a Nobels MF-1 in the USA?

Title: RE: Where to buy a Nobels MF-1 in the USA?

I bought one by tracking down the distributor in Tennessee and then getting a local music store to order it, as the distributor would only sell to retailers.

I believe that since then the distributor has gone out of business, but you should check.

The functionality of the MF-2 is fabulous and its footprint smaller than the FCB-1010. However, if you delve into what users have to say about it, you'll see that the build quality has been called into question. The exterior including the switches seems solid enough, but apparently the wiring is a bit of a rat's nest; I've never opened mine.

Then there is the battery, which is necessary to hold the memory.  It is soldered in place and reportedly difficult to replace. Me MF-2 started indicating the need for battery replacement more than a year ago, and I went looking for a battery.  Here is the reply I got:

At this point I was getting a lot more serious about using my EDP, read in LD all the raves about the FCB-1010, and bought one.  The MF-2 sits in a closet awaiting the day when I want to track down a battery and either tackle what is reportedly a tricky soldering job, or give it to a tech to do... or better yet have it modified so the battery can be more readily replaced.

Support is non-existent in the US, unless something has changed significantly in the past year. Think thrice before you buy an MF-2.

Howl Din

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Any ideas where i can order one of these and get it sent to my home in Brooklyn, NY?