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Re: Advice sought - unbroken, seamless loops

The EDP and the Looperlative are excellent for use in
Kevin's email.  The Repeater, not as much.  I don't
have an issue with it but there's a tiny split second
bump in volume at the start of the loop.  Not a click
but it can be noticable.  I guess it's the price for
all the DSP crazyness that the Repeater does.

I don't know about the Line6 DL-4, but in stompboxes
the Boss Giga Delay will also make seamless loops and
is damn cheap.


--- johnsrude@peak.org wrote:

> > In essence, I'm trying to find a device that will
> loop a chord
> > seamlessly - i.e. will eliminate the "click" sound
> one normally hears
> > when one uses most digital delay pedals such as
> the Boss DD-3 to loop a
> > chord.
> If you have a looper that allows you to have an
> arbitrarily small loop and
> allows you to overdub this is pretty easy to do with
> a volume pedal going into
> the looper.
> For example with the Echoplex Digital Pro:
> With your volume pedal all the way off, tap Record
> button twice.  Now you have
> a very small loop.
> Tap Overdub.  Play the chord, still with the volume
> pedal all the way off. Now
> gradually fade up the volume pedal. With practice
> you'll get a nice even drone
> chord. Tap Overdub off when you've got the chord the
> way you want it.
> The fun part of this technique is that you can
> continue to fade in notes and
> get chord tones that would normally be impossible to
> play on guitar.  I like
> adding harmonics, myself.
> Cheers,
> Kevin
> www.TheNettles.com

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