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Re: Advice sought - unbroken, seamless loops

> In essence, I'm trying to find a device that will loop a chord
> seamlessly - i.e. will eliminate the "click" sound one normally hears
> when one uses most digital delay pedals such as the Boss DD-3 to loop a
> chord.

If you have a looper that allows you to have an arbitrarily small loop and
allows you to overdub this is pretty easy to do with a volume pedal going 
the looper.

For example with the Echoplex Digital Pro:

With your volume pedal all the way off, tap Record button twice.  Now you 
a very small loop.

Tap Overdub.  Play the chord, still with the volume pedal all the way off. 
gradually fade up the volume pedal. With practice you'll get a nice even 
chord. Tap Overdub off when you've got the chord the way you want it.

The fun part of this technique is that you can continue to fade in notes 
get chord tones that would normally be impossible to play on guitar.  I 
adding harmonics, myself.