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re: Scary Situations

stage jumpers

--- Kevin <kevin@TheNettles.com> wrote:

> At 07:38 PM 4/11/2006, Rick wrote:
> >A young man walked up to me in the middleof the
> song as I was 
> >juggling the loops (warning sign already)
> >and said.   "I dig your beatboxing",   I"m a
> rapper,  could I do a 
> >piece with you?...
> >It was really pretty ugly quickly and I just gave
> up and beatboxed 
> >until the festival leaders aske me to quit playing
> (half an hour 
> >earlier than I was supposed to).
> This is totally Monday morning quarterbacking and I
> wasn't there but 
> if something like that happened to me, I think I
> would develop 
> equipment trouble.  Especially if there's a sound
> guy.  When the 
> sound guy came over, I'd quietly ask him to go get
> Security.  When 
> the cavalry arrived (okay, a fat guy in black with a
> walkie-talkie) 
> I'd say something like, "Gee, I'm sorry it didn't
> work out for you 
> all.  Catch you later, okay?"  The sound guy, the
> security guy and 
> you would probably be enough to convince people to
> go.  But then 
> there's teardown and the guys waiting in the parking
> lot.  Oh, 
> heck.  That's a time when it pays to have friends. 
> Big 
> friends.  Biker friends.  Who don't like hiphop.
> >I, unfortunately,  have experienced similar
> situations a couple of 
> >times since then enough to have developed the
> prejudice that 
> >freestyled rappers are the most aggressive and
> insensitive musicians 
> >that I've ever played with.
> Well, freestyling is a macho blood sport. 
> Freestyling is to singing 
> what boxing is to ballet.
> >If someone is insensitive enough and pushy enough
> to come up right 
> >in the middle of a show it's an automatic 'no'
> reply from me now...
> Ah, what about the folks who ask to come up when you
> take your break 
> to play _while_ you're taking your break?   That's a
> subtler thing 
> that I've been running into lately.  I'm at the
> point where I don't 
> like having someone on stage unless I know them or
> someone I respect 
> vouches for them.
> Cheers,
> Kevin
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