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Re: Scary Situations

> Dave wrote:
> And while I'm on the subject, what about stupid requests from the
> audience? At a recent gig in Boulder, a girl came up after our last
> tune and asked us to play American Pie. Ok, for the last couple of
> hours we'd been playing angular funk, hip hop, afrobeat, electronic
> stuff, with no vocals, nothing to suggest that we would or even could
> play American Pie. She might as well have asked us to recite the
> Gettysberg address.

I've got a great one for that.

Audience: "'Freebird!'"

Us: "We don't play 'Freebird' but here's a song just like it."
[Continue playing our regular set.]

BTW don't always take folks seriously when they request 'Freebird'.  
someone's making a joke.  Like me. >:->