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Re: Scary Situations

i think Freebird is some kinda mantra that you cant help shouting out once
you have enough alterations in ye...
i have a cassette i made when the Ramones came to town in '76...first thing
you hear on the tape..."FREEBIRD"!!!! from somebody in the crowd...
the MERMEN, who i worked for had a great retort when that was shouted out 
their shows..."'Play Freebird'!!...oh man, we played it-where were ya?"

> I've got a great one for that.
> Audience: "'Freebird!'"
> Us: "We don't play 'Freebird' but here's a song just like it."
> [Continue playing our regular set.]
> BTW don't always take folks seriously when they request 'Freebird'.  
> someone's making a joke.  Like me. >:->
> Cheers,
> Kevin
> www.TheNettles.com