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Re: Scary Situations

This is it lets loop all the cheesey covers we can think of put on tangas, pancho hats and loopers might be in the next cover of the rolling stone....

johnsrude@peak.org wrote:
> Dave wrote:
> And while I'm on the subject, what about stupid requests from the
> audience? At a recent gig in Boulder, a girl came up after our last
> tune and asked us to play American Pie. Ok, for the last couple of
> hours we'd been playing angular funk, hip hop, afrobeat, electronic
> stuff, with no vocals, nothing to suggest that we would or even could
> play American Pie. She might as well have asked us to recite the
> Gettysberg address.

I've got a great one for that.

Audience: "'Freebird!'"

Us: "We don't play 'Freebird' but here's a song just like it."
[Continue playing our regular set.]

BTW don't always take folks seriously when they request 'Freebird'. Sometimes
someone's making a joke. Like me. >:->


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