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Re: slight OT: scary situation: 1st live performance at an openmic....

Way to go Scott!!  Just keep playing out, it becomes easier.

Good move in not introducing the looping first time around.  THis past 
I had a situation where my cool mellow percussive looping that was 
supposed to
kick into reverse to lead into the next song took quite a different turn 
the sound person made an on the fly tweak to the monitors which ended 
up with a
bass rumble that got picked up by my in-guitar mic and thus was 
placed into the loop. What started out mellow ended up sounding very
hendrix-esque and I had to totally change the arrangement so I could 
glide into
the second song more cleanly.  People thought it was cool and different and
didn't even realize how much more I was improvising than I intended to. 
Was an
interesting experience and definitely what makes playing live looping
interesting and fun.  Buuut...If that had been my first time out ever with 
looper and something like that happened 3 minutes into a song, I may have 
a wee bit more intimidated the next time out.;-)

Rock on Brother!!



Quoting scott hansen <evanpeewee@yahoo.com>:

> well, inspired by all the posts of people who talked about their live 
> performance over
>  the last 5 yrs (yes, it took me 5 yrs), i decided to try an open mic 
> night and attempt to play a few of my "singer-songwriter/folk" songs 
> (sorry for slight OT).
>  even though i teach college art (drawing/pntg/art apprec) and have 
> to lecture, i would not say that i'm a real outgoing individual, was 
> very shy during most of my public school days, hated speeches in 
> college...but then for some strange reason back in '98 started 
> writing songs, etc....around 01-02 thought about trying to play them 
> live, and practiced them and recorded them (ad infinitum, working on 
> recording etc-endless problems), finally decided after so many yrs of 
> worrying, fear,to just bite the bullet. that happened monday nite, 
> 4-10 at the open mic at the mill restaurant in iowa city. i was 
> nervous, but remembered being more nervous for speeches in college. i 
> had practiced my stuff over the last 2 weeks, got my rudimentary 
> tools together.....
>  i even debated doing a bit of looping, brought my new digitech  
> digitdelay, but in the end worried about all other things and being 
> my 1st time, decided to not hook it up. played my 8 songs in 25 
> minutes, and thought i did ok-i figured everyone there would be too 
> into their bar thing so no pressure. i definately learned a lot of 
> things in that 25 min, like boy those 2 spot lights are HOT, and 
> BRING WATER (my throat was killing me after the 3rd song). my wife 
> asked me if i could tell people were watching/listening, and i would 
> say: i don't know, i really couldn't see due to the spot lights (it 
> is very weird) and i really couldn't hear what my guitar or voice 
> sounded like due to my inexperience w/ monitors. the girl who played 
> after me (who is on a national tour for an album) asked for the voice 
> to be punched up in the monitors, and who i should add was very good. 
> i should say that for the most part my tools served me well. my 100$ 
> hohner guitar stayed in tune and performed
> great (i had the cheapest guitar there by far), the seymour duncan 
> single coil woody pu didn't do great, there was some hum, but the 
> guitar did sound pretty good. since i have songs in 2 different 
> tunings and was afraid of tuning onstage i brought my parker nitefly 
> for the standard tuning stuff w/ its piezo (acoustic like sounds), i 
> couldn't really hear it from the stage, and i made some mistakes of 
> not playing it as much as i should have, and 9's are probably too 
> thin for live stuff-strumming wise (i hit some klunkers). i listened 
> to the live recording the guy who organizes the event made yesterday, 
> and thought i sounded ok. the one thing i was proud of was i didn't 
> forget any lyrics to any of my songs.  could tell 1/2 way through i 
> needed water. my timing was a bit rushed (& i will say my timing is 
> for sh*t), but overall, i did ok, survived, and no one died.....sorry 
> for the long post....next time i do it, i will stick w/ my original 
> intent and when i change tunings,
> will do a li'l loop thing to fill air/space...
>  just wanted to thank all for their live post reports that inspired 
>  s---
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