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Re: slight OT: scary situation: 1st live performance at an open mic....

Dang, Scott. I wish I'd known, I'd have definitely been there. You'll
have to announce *before* you do it next time. Congrats! It's a big

On 4/12/06, scott hansen <evanpeewee@yahoo.com> wrote:
> definately learned a lot of things in that 25 min, like boy those 2 spot
> lights are HOT, and BRING WATER (my throat was killing me after the 3rd
> song). my wife asked me if i could tell people were watching/listening, 

True dat. My Celtic Folk band plays there frequently and hydration is
one of our biggest challenges. It's even hotter up there when you cram
6 people onto a stage built for 3 or 4.

> performed great (i had the cheapest guitar there by far), the seymour 
> single coil woody pu didn't do great, there was some hum, but the guitar 
> sound pretty good. since i have songs in 2 different tunings and was 

I wouldn't totally blame the SD pickup. We've had issues with their
system that we've not experienced elsewhere. We did one show where if
I stepped in a certain place on the stage, there was a loud pop that
blasted through the system. Made for an uncomfortable set when I had
to stand verrrry still for the remainder of it. It has improved
recently, though.

Again, Scott, you'll have to announce *beforehand* next time so I can
help add another 'friendly' to the audience.


Jon Southwood