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re: Scary Situations

>Mark Sottilaro wrote about his scary situation:
>"What else can you do?  WHEN YOUR GUEST VOCALIST WON'T LEAVE! "

Hehe.  Guest vocalist is nothing, man.  With a vocalist you can 
always cut his mic.  Or take a break and return with a large 
dishwasher to help your new friend find his way off the stage. How 
about a drunken strolling band with bagpipes, snare drum and didj 
that parks itself in front of the stage and drives your healthy St 
Patrick's Day audience out into the street?  It's become a recurring 
theme for my band on St Pat's Day at my local and my suggestion that 
they leave year by year is gradually escalating.  Next year I may 
grab a mic stand and wade in...  :-)


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