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When loopers are attacked! (was Scary Situations)

Great story Rick!  Man, that does sound terrible.  My
guy never got aggressive, he was just kind of stoned
and dug in.  He just wasn't getting the hint.

Maybe this thread should change a bit.  Here's the
question I ask.  Why are loopers picked upon as easy
pray?  I've been at the music thing since I was 14 and
I've never had the hassles playing in a band as I do
when looping.  Usually it's not an attack though, but
there are few gigs I've done where someone doesn't
come up to me to TALK.  Why?  One woman started
yelling at my cohort who was triggering samples into a
JamMan via a laptop.  She yelled, "Oh, is the computer
doing all this?"  It was at a really nice art opening.
 He tried to start explaining what he was doing... and
she walked away mid sentence!  We looked at each other

Other times people feel I'm up for giving a tutorial
on what I'm doing.

Part of why I wear headphones now when I'm not up on a
stage is that I point at my headphones and then my
gear as an explaination as to why I'm not responding
to them.  Seems to work reasonably well.  I think my
next live gig will be on ninjam.


--- "loop.pool" <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:

> At one point I 'ended' a piece and went over to the
> line of young men and 
> said,  "Thanks a lot, I need to get back to the rest
> of the show now," 
> and everybody turned on me angrily and one guy said,
>  "Oh man,  he got his 
> turn,  I want my turn" to a chorus
> of hostile 'yeahs' from the peanut galler.

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