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RE: Who's got the most EDP's (lamest topic ever)

> From: mark t [mailto:aleatoric12@gmail.com] 
> lets here it!  and how do you use them all?

Hmm, well let's just say I have virtually as many as I care to :-)

The question could be answered in two ways: what can you do
specifically with several EDP's and what can you do in general with
many loopers.  

I can describe some of the techniques I fart around with though there
are people on this list with *far* more experience in such things:

  - Layer Remixing

    Rather than overdubbing layers into a single loop, overdub
    layers into different synchronized loopers.  This gives you
    the flexibility to remix the layers, changing levels and pan,
    mute and solo them, put them in and out of phase, etc.

  - Bounce Recording

    Start a performance in one or more loopers while recording the
    result in another.  Then silence the source loopers, transfer
    too the bounced loop and begin mutating it.  This allows
    you to capture real-time performance techniques like loop
    triggering, pan sweeps, reverse, speed, and pitch changes, 
    etc. that are not recorded by the feedback loop of a 
    single looper.

  - Phase Accurate Surround

    Here the loopers are synchronized with sample accuracy
    so that they can record and loop a multi-channel
    surround signal.  Like brother syncing two EDP's for
    stereo only with 4 or more channels.

  - Independent Channel Surround

    Here the loopers contain independent signals, but they
    may be synchronized at the "beat" level and placed
    in a different location in the surround field.  From what
    I understand this is the approach Andre was taking.

Ah, so much potential, so little musical ability.