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Re: BAY AREA new music scene

At 7:04 PM -0700 4/11/06, loop.pool wrote:

>D:    There was a gig in 1993 (I think) in which I found myself on stage
>between Henry and the saxophonist David Murray - two veritable fire
>hydrants of music - hanging on for dear life.  That was a blast!
>R:   Again,  what an amazing experience that must have been.

I've got it on CD.  if anyone would like a copy, email me your 
address and I'll burn you one.

>D:  We need to find a scene that supports precisely our weirdness 
>R:  Well, funny you should mention it.
>Are you familiar with AmyXs work?  her husband, Herb Heinz's music? 
>Do you know the SF band,  Eddy the Rat? Niki Selkin's work?  Peter 
>Whitehead's work?  eve someone big like the Sleep Time Gorilla 
>They are all bay area people doing unusual pop music that is 
>decidedly out of the box.

I know nothing of these artists.  I will look for 'em.

Do you know Mushroom?  I have their most recent CD and like it a lot. 
It feels to me like pretty improvisational stuff, but I could be 

>I've been thinking that someday I should put together an 
>experimental pop festival here in Santa Cruz and over at an art 
>in San Jose.     Would you want to participate?

Sure!  If you don't mind having a sort of country-folk songwriter 
with loops in the middle of it.


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