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Re: gans looper piece

At 6:30 PM -0700 4/11/06, JGoody wrote:
>hey dave:
>listening to the mp3 you posted. I'm at about the halfway point and 
>things are starting to get crazy!
>do you have more of this? maybe on CD? maybe you could bring it by 
>when you come to record?
>good stuff man.
>really excellent!

Thanks!  I've got one more piece on my web site:


And yeah, some more on CD.  I'll bring 'em over next week.

>I have an EDP+ that I sync up with an MPC drum machine and other toys. . .
>I also have a spare MIDI cable (hint, hint. . .)

Hm, two EDPs in sync.  Could have some interesting possibilities!


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