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Looperlative & MIDI Pedal Assignment

I just setup my Behringer to control my LP1...way too easy, though I'm 
struggling with mapping my two controller pedals to feedback and 
volume...it's a problem with the FCB that I need to work out....user 
I just found the solution in the Looperlative Forum.

Anyway, for those of you new, and relatively old LP1 users, I'm curious 
you are mapping your MIDI pedals to LP1 functions. I'm finding myself 
slightly overwhelmed by the breadth of options, especially since I like to 
get everything in one MIDI controller bank (10 buttons).  For starters, I 
have Record/Overdub, Play/Stop, Previous Track, Next Track, Reverse, Half 
Speed, All Stop, and Erase Track mapped to 8 of my FCB buttons.  That 
two more buttons to map.   What are you current users mapping?  Maybe I'll 
program a cool sequence like Reverse and Half-Speed at the same time, etc.

If you are using more than one bank, how are you labeling your buttons? I 
put white electric tape on the top of my buttons, which allows me to write 
in two functions, one on top and another below it separated by a line. The 
top functions are for Mobius, and the bottom for the LP1.  If I open up 
another bank for the LP1, I'm essentially out of writing space. Any ideas? 
I suppose I could create a laminated card of some sort and prop it behind 
the FCB.


p.s. I love the fact that the LP1 doesn't have an input control knob..one 
less thing for me to worry about. I just set the output from my incoming 
signal to generate a decent level on the LP1 input level meter.  Also, the 
noise gate was a big surprise!  Wow, not that I'll use it, but if I ever 
have a noise signal path, it will be nice to have there.