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Old Lurker, New Poster.....


I've been an on-again/off-again member of this list, mostly lurked in 
the past. I signed onto the list again, and I thought I'd introduce 
myself, as I'll be at the Boise Festival playing a duo with the 
marvelous/fantastic Ted Killian AND in trio with Ted Killian and Rick 
Walker. I'm really looking forward to the Festival, and to meeting 
those of you that will be in attendance. (Thanks, Ted and Kris, for the 

FYI, I use a looper built in max/msp (Andrew Pask wrote the core, I 
built my own interface), I left behind my two DL4s....they just started 
weighing too much on the road! If you'd like to hear a sample of my 
work, you can check out a mp3 from my latest album, The Choir Boys with 
Stings, done with Andrew, Steuart Liebig and GE Stinson (we all use 
loopers....at different times) at:


Looking forward to being more a part of the community and chatting with 
everyone, especially that guy Steve whats-his-name from London....oh 
yeah, Lawson! (You out there, Steve? I'm mixing, really!) (Those of you 
that don't know Steve, should really check out his music!)...



Jeff Kaiser