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Re: Old Lurker, New Poster.....

Hi Jeff -

Anyone who plays a quarter-tone trumpet and also loops deserves to play at 
festival like this! :)  I really look forward to hearing you and Ted play 
together, and even more so, you, Ted, and Rick on the second day of the 
event.   I really like the guitar/trumpet duo format, especially since I 
received a copy of Digital/Spiritual from Kevin Brunkhorst and Paul 
Tynan...great work!

Speaking of MAX/MSP, a young lady at the festival will be doing a 10 min 
intermission piece with that program (Gretchen Jude...see the festival 
for more info). She is an electronic music student at Boise State 
University.  You might get a kick out of that. And I'm sure Rick will, 
because she's doing almost everything with her voice. She sent me a demo 
and it is quite sophisticated. I would so quite sophisticated "for Boise," 
but I've learned in putting together this event that Boise is no more or 
less progressive in terms of folks playing experimental, avant-garde, or 
free improv music than any other place, relative to the population...that 
would be a comment in light of per capita stats.  There a lot of folks 
coming out of the woodwork playing music I never thought existed here. I 
just needed to provide a major venue to bring them together. Although I've 
just had no luck whatsoever in finding horn players who I can improv with, 
let a lone looping.

Any who, I'll get out and check out more of your sound clips now. See you 
next month! And I'd love to see you commenting more on this discussion 


> Howdy,
> I've been an on-again/off-again member of this list, mostly lurked in 
> past. I signed onto the list again, and I thought I'd introduce myself, 
> I'll be at the Boise Festival playing a duo with the marvelous/fantastic 
> Ted Killian AND in trio with Ted Killian and Rick Walker. I'm really 
> looking forward to the Festival, and to meeting those of you that will 
> in attendance. (Thanks, Ted and Kris, for the invitation.)
> FYI, I use a looper built in max/msp (Andrew Pask wrote the core, I 
> my own interface), I left behind my two DL4s....they just started 
> too much on the road! If you'd like to hear a sample of my work, you can 
> check out a mp3 from my latest album, The Choir Boys with Stings, done 
> with Andrew, Steuart Liebig and GE Stinson (we all use loopers....at 
> different times) at:
> http://www.pfmentum.com
> Looking forward to being more a part of the community and chatting with 
> everyone, especially that guy Steve whats-his-name from London....oh 
> Lawson! (You out there, Steve? I'm mixing, really!) (Those of you that 
> don't know Steve, should really check out his music!)...
> Best,
> Jeff
> Jeff Kaiser
> http://www.jeffkaisermusic.com
> http://www.myspace.com/jeffkaisermusic