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Nobels MF1

the Nobels MF1 is what I'm currently using to operate the  
Looperlative - it's fine as a bog-standard program-change box. 'Funny  
note mode' is balls though. Might be more useable on the MF2, never  
tried one. It is, however, rather heavy and bulky for what it is.  
Easy to use, but a bit of a pain. Has dipswitches to change global  
midi channel (can't transmit on more than one channel.) No sockets  
for expression pedals, sadly.

Is there such a thing as a CC pedal with just a Midi cable coming  
out, that you could daisy chain via a 'midi thru' port or something?  
just trying to work out how to get a CC pedal hooked up to the  

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