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re: The Dark Ages (musical decade association)

Fascinating stuff both Kim and Rick,  for my 2 pennys I would add to Ricks "where did the 80's begin and end?" stuff by asking...
When "the Absolute 80's" compilations and/or club nites pop up now, it NOT the 80's I remember!!!
Where was I for Kate Bush, for take my breath away for Duran Duran  for Maddona for girls just wanna have fun for walk like an egyptian for bat outa hell????
I should be so fucking lucky? lucky lucky lucky...!
Like Kim, I remember the dark 80's, it was for me a decade that started with Industrial music Circa Throbbing Gristle and ended with Industrial music Circa Ministry. In between was Joy Division, Cure, Birthday Party, Feotus, Neubauten, and of course Kraftwerk, which Kim correctly asserts as the link between many ages and genres. (Hadnt thought of Sabbath... but I see it now... just wasnt a Sabbath fan myself so chucked it in with "Rawk en Rowl!")
Thank GOD for MY 80's!!!
mark francombe
marks website is at
www.markfrancombe.com he writes for www.furthernoise.org and works at www.transformlearning.com

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