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Re: Nobels MF1

So - if I'm understanding the implications of this posting, the 
requires a Midi interface / footpedal to operate its functions.  But, does
that mean no functions are controllable without midi?


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Subject: Nobels MF1

> the Nobels MF1 is what I'm currently using to operate the
> Looperlative - it's fine as a bog-standard program-change box. 'Funny
> note mode' is balls though. Might be more useable on the MF2, never
> tried one. It is, however, rather heavy and bulky for what it is.
> Easy to use, but a bit of a pain. Has dipswitches to change global
> midi channel (can't transmit on more than one channel.) No sockets
> for expression pedals, sadly.
> Is there such a thing as a CC pedal with just a Midi cable coming
> out, that you could daisy chain via a 'midi thru' port or something?
> just trying to work out how to get a CC pedal hooked up to the
> Looperlative.
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