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Re: Zoom G2

On 30 Dec 2005 at 16:06, Kim Flint wrote:

> >The latest in a series of guitar pedals, this one finally seems to
> >have all a looper could reasonably require.
> given recent discussions, this statement seems unlikely.

Errrr yes ;) However, I had a gig in Japan and couldn't take my usual 
rig - this single pedal allowed me to perform. Perhaps "minimally 
require" would be more accurate.

Whilst those of you lucky enough to afford EDPs and similar may well 
feel the G2 woefully underspecced (10 seconds would have been nice), 
don't forget there's a spectrum from loopers who like to midi-sync, 
quantise, reverse, all the fancy stuff, to those of us at the low 
budget/tech end, who simply want to hold a loop and control the 
feedback whilst overdubbing. 

This relatively low tech requirement should be reflected in a low 
price, but until the G2, I'd argue no manufacturers met it. 

> can you tap the start and end times of the loop directly? or is it
> only tap-tempo?

Tap tempo. It's less a looper and more of a delay with hold, if you 
follow. Apart form everything else, it's great fun to play with!

All the best,

Nick Robinson